Bin Rental or Full Service Junk Removal

Choose Between Bin Rentals or

The Full Service Load and Haul Junk Removal

At Bye Bye Junk, we want to give our clients the widest possible array of options when it comes to junk removal from their property. We offer convenient 3 or 7-day bin rental with a flexible option to add extra days as you need them. Additionally, if do-it-yourself bin rental is not your style, we also offer the full service load and haul junk removal service (we load and haul all material needing to be removed).


If you prefer do-it yourself service and want to balance the affordability with the flexibility to work on your own schedule, the do-it-yourself bin rental may be your best choice.

Select from 12, 15 or 20-Yard bins and any duration from a single day to as long as you need your bin .

We offer the convenient on-line instant quote and reservation for you, so you can rent bin of your choice at any time of the day. Need a bit of help deciding what you need exactly. We also offer a complimentary phone consultation and reservation where one of our agents will help you choose the right junk bin based on your project and duration of it.

All our bins come with a walk-in swing door and where there is a consideration to damage to the surface, we offer a soft PVC non-scuff rollers on your bin rental at no extra charge to you.

We make bin rental easy!


Not everyone is do-it- yourself keen and sometimes, there is a situation or the need to have someone come to your place and remove the junk and debris as well as haul it to the dump.

Renting a trailer and doing the labor yourself is an option, but how about those heavy items? Do you really want to break your back or is loading and hauling the junk your definition of your favorite task? Add dump fees, fuel charges, special handling charges for some items you may have, such as electronics, mattresses, etc. , you may not be saving as much as you thought you would.

So why not have a professional junk removal crew handle all the work while you do something more enjoyable or sit down and do nothing. We come to your place with our trailer, load and haul all the junk needing disposal.

We offer free quotes and there are no surprises or extra costs. Have the job done cheaper, faster and with less hassle and labor than if you were to do it yourself.

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